Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kawaii Review: Puppy!Repede Cup & Plate Set (And news!)

Hiyo Bunnies!

I have another review for you today~ It's another adorable addition to my slowly growing Tales of Collection. It's the Tales of Series Melamine Cup & Plate set of my favorite puppy, Repede!

This time, I was able to order it myself directly (without use of a shopping service) from the website CDJapan. If you've never heard of or used CDJapan before, it's a shopping site where you can get a lot of books, apparel, movies, toys and other goodies. It's more than just anime so don't forget to look around!

I wasn't able to get the set on the LalaBit Market like I got the Repede plush but I managed to snatch it up on CDJapan! This was also a pre-order so I had to wait about a month before it was officially released and sent to my home. After shipping, it was about 2353¥ so it wasn't really expensive at all. Then finally it arrived in the mail after about another 2 weeks.

The box was a little beat up, despite being marked fragile, but melamine is a little sturdier than your regular plastic. So long as it had some sort of protection, I was fine with it.

Here is what it looked like inside. I guess having that much space and paper really did help somehow. @_@;

Here is the set outside of the box, still in the wrapping.

Annnnnd out of the wrapping! I left the plastic covers on to prevent dust from getting in.

I am never using this set. This is pure collection only.

The pattern is the same on the plate and the cup but it's Puppy!Repede so how can you not love it? It reminds me of a character expression sheet, giving us different angles of this cutie. It says his name Repede in the banner in the center. It also has the name of his game Tales of Vesperia with the copyright of BNGI. The color scheme is basically his coat (blue x white).

The back of the plate is just plain white with the official label. I'm not sure what the sticker says but it looks like contact information for the company.

Here is the front of the cup, with the proud little Puppy!Repede standing with his little pipe.

And the image just winds around just like it is on the plate.

As I said, this is a pure collectible piece and will never use it. It's too precious for words and I do love how the color scheme reflects his fur. Along with Repede, there are two other plate sets and they are in the colors of the animals as well. The others are Teepo from Tales of Xillia (pink x purple) and Lulu (green x white) from Tales of Xillia 2.

Sadly, both this set and the Repede plush I did a review on earlier, are no longer available for purchase. Repede is a very popular Tales animal mascot and sells out super fast. If you're a fan like me, buy him up as soon as you see him! Because who knows how long he'll be there.

Hope you enjoyed this review!


Rainbow Star Candy will be closed for vacation starting next week for about 3 weeks. So I will not be posting except for maybe Instagram. I'll be back on a regular posting schedule as well as have some new goodies up on the Etsy shop when I return!

See you soon! 

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