Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter - Save the Bunnies!

Hiyo, Bunnies!

This post is a day late~

Do you love bunnies and/or celebrate Easter? I know I do! But there are some people out there that think they should have their own Easter Bunny and get a real rabbit as a gift for young children.

Please do not do this!

Just because it would be a fun idea, doesn't mean it should be done! Rabbits are live creatures and will live well beyond Easter. If you're not ready for that commitment, the vet bills or your children are really just too young to have a delicate pet like that, there are wonderful alternatives!

Here are some uber cute Easter Bunnies and other Easter gifts you can get for this special day!






As you can see, there are plenty of other cute gifts you can get for Easter! 

Have a wonderful and safe Easter!

See you soon! 

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  1. Such a cute post, I love rabbits. I had one as a child and you're right, it did live a really long time. The earrings are the cutest thing <3

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