Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Say "I Love You" with Yum! [02-11-15]


Hiyo, Bunnies!

Valentine's Day is almost here! And who says you need a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate? You can celebrate any kind of love with this day whether it's with a sibling or your best friend! Here are some of my favorite kawaii ways of celebrating this special Day of Love~ (*’∀’人)♥

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

I've seen a bunch of different recipes that always involved royal icing. But what if you didn't want to use icing or don't have the skill to work with it? Here is a great recipe that allows you to make yummy sugar cookies without the extra step of making icing. (Plus you can use a really cute and fun cookie cutter!)

Rainbow Heart Cookies

Saw this on my feed the other day and I had to share it! Now I know there are a lot more steps with making these cookies but they just come out so cute and look so yummy. How could you not want to try to make these at least once?!

Red Velvet Milkshakes

Red velvet and ice cream. What more could you possibly need? Milkshakes are great for any time and these cute ones would be a perfect treat!

Rice Krispie Kisses

These are not your typical Kisses in both size and flavor. They're bigger and made with Rice Krispies! Yummy~

It's funny how food is always the best way to celebrate any holiday and occasion. Hope you enjoy the wonderful recipes I've found and let me know if you try them!

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See you soon! 


  1. Oooh these all look so yummy!
    Good food really is the best way to celebarate a holilday :3

    1. I totally agree! I am in love with all of these and wish I had them right now xD


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