Thursday, February 26, 2015

30 Day Video Game Challenge - Day 7: Favorite Game Couple [02-26-15]

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Today I'd like to tell you about my Favorite Game Couple! A lot of video games, especially in RPGs, have romance. Or there is at least a character, if not the main, that gets a love interest. For most of the Final Fantasy series, the story revolves around it. For other games, it just kind of happens. And then, there are the games that you would never think would have a romance. I've noticed these tend to be horror or survival games.

I'm hoping there is someone out there reading this knows or remembers this series as these games were my favorite games for a very long time. Not many people played them because they weren't as super popular and the fighting system was a bit different from the norm.

I'm talking about
Shadow Hearts

The first Shadow Hearts is an old PS2 game from Azure and Midway in 2001. It is the direct sequel to an older game on the PS1 called Koudelka. The story revolves around a young man named Yuri who has the power to change into the monsters he defeated and fused with. He was sent by a mysterious voice to protect a priest's daughter named Alice who has the ability to heal and perform exorcisms.

As the story progresses, you see these two characters develop from being just a typical skirt-chaser kind of guy and a naive girl to a real relationship. Yuri soon realizes that this is more than just a mission to save a girl.

That everything happens for a reason and that the voice speaking to him is not just there to drive him crazy. He sees that she is able to tame his demons. That she is literally his guardian angel.

I won't go any farther into details but their relationship is pretty important to the story and it turns out to be really sweet! Now if you do intend to play, remember that it is a horror game. There are a lot of demons and creatures from actual folklore. But if that's your type of game or you're like me that feel you can handle it, definitely try to find a copy of this game! It's so worth it!

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