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30 Day Loli Challenge! Day 3 – 10 Things You Hate in Lolita [07-28-2013]

Hey bunnies! I got another meme post for you today! It's Day 3 of my 30 Day Lolita Challenge. Now, this one is a little negative and is just my personal opinion. But it doesn't mean that I hate everything. I'm treating this one more like pet peeves about Lolita.

10 Things You Hate in Lolita(or My Pet Peeves in Lolita)

Any sites/blogs where people can post hateful or derogatory comments about other Lolitas.
I understand that there are some Lolitas that don't "follow rules" or some do not like how others look in certain dresses. But that shouldn't give anyone the right to post a photo of said "offender" and say something horrible about them. As I've said before, I believe there are standards in Lolita that one has to go by. But following super strict rules won't give people a chance to experiment! How will new styles ever be born? Everyone will look the same in just different colors. We have to remember we all started somewhere and each one of us is an individual. We must do what we can to find the style that suits each of us. And if that means bending "rules", then I'm all for it.

Getting the bad kind of attention. 
I do appreciate people who, if they have to say something, give a compliment. But if you're going to have to say something nasty, make fun of someone or even just plain laugh at them, I find that to be really irritating. I, myself haven't been a victim of too much of the bad kind of attention but I do feel terrible for the poor Lolitas that get a lot more. It really gets to me when I read or hear a Lolita (or anyone in any fashion) is even sexually harassed. A person dresses in their favorite fashion because it makes them feel complete. Nobody needs someone else to ruin it for them.

The price tags of big name Lolita brands.
I truly appreciate and admire each brand's work and the quality of their fabrics. Each one is a work of art in itself. I just cry at the price tags a lot. XD But the way to get around that, that works for me, is to go for smaller brands or indie brands and get a look that is close to the bigger name's coordinate. While the print may not be the same, the look is what we're going for here. And if you look hard enough, you can capture it. But it's also okay to save up for the dress that you feel you have to have. It's okay to treat yourself once in a while.

Lolita sizes tend to be very small.
Fact: Lolita is a fashion that began in Japan. Fact: brands have started to make their clothing available to people overseas and make larger sizes. But certain styles are still only for very small people. I guess because the market for Lolita is not as big as it is in Japan. Hopefully one day, we'll see more Lolita shops. Though we do have Tokyo Rebel in NYC along with Angelic Pretty and BABY the Stars Shine Bright in San Diego. Here's hoping we'll see many more! 

Summer + Lolita = Does not compute.
Lolita has a lot of layers. You need your hair accessories (and wig if you feel like using them), your blouse, dress/skirt/salopette, petticoat, tights/socks and shoes. Not to mention all of your jewelry. Lolita is perfect for cooler days and the winter. It doesn't mean it's impossible to wear for the summer but there will be a few pieces that a Lolita just simply has to deal without. So I just tend to go Gyaru or Fairy Kei for the summer. You can wear a lot less but it's still part of the fashion.

When someone says animal ears are "ita". 
I think there is nothing wrong with having animal ears as part of a coordinate. As long as it's not made to look like cosplay and it's respectable of the fashion, I think animal ears are adorable! Even big brand names like BABY are including them for hair accessories. I especially love their bunny ears. (Which I actually own in black!)


Prints are always for a limited time only.
Unless they are re-released later on. I'm not sure why brands do this but I've heard for reasons like building customer loyalty or brands just like to be exclusive like that. Whatever the reasoning is, it gets frustrating. Especially if you don't always have the money for the print you really want.


Brand Wars amongst Lolitas.
There are actually some Lolitas that have such a strong loyalty to one brand that they'll put down others if they're wearing a different brand or off-brand. It's pretty silly, if you ask me.


Plastic accessories cost as much as real jewelry.
It's probably mostly paying for the name but unless it's a piece that I will never see again, I won't pay the same amount as I would for real jewelry...


You end up with a lot more pairs of shoes and wigs than you would normally have.
I'm not sure how to feel about this but seeing as the shoes and the wigs are my favorite parts, I won't complain too much. xD

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