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1st Anime Boston 2013 - Part 2

Hey Bunnies! Ready for part 2 of my trip to Anime Boston?

Saturday started the same way, we got breakfast and headed out early. One of my friends and I especially needed to get back to the con early so we could get to see the Lolita fashion show!  It was to start at 10 am and by the time we got there, there already was a looooooooong line! But I luckily for us, they probably anticipated this and it was in a huge room so we were able to get seats. I was so excited because I never saw a fashion show before.

I myself was in full Lolita for the day. Saturdays for any convention is the biggest dress-up day so that means lots of photo opportunities! For that day, I decided to go with a hime fairy tale look. I was wearing my blonde and pink wig with a cute crown from Banzai Lolita and a very cute star ribbon. My dress was Dreaming Cinderella in dark blue from the Korean brand Haneuli. I wore a short-sleeved white blouse underneath, stockings and my knee-high boots in brown. And to top off my hime look, I used Kuma Crafts Sailor Moon Star Locket necklace and various off-brand jewelry. I must say, it felt like a dream!

 Here is my Outfit of the Day! 

The Lolita Fashion show also turned out to be half panel. The two girls that were hosting it were dressed in full Lolita and basically gave a 101 lesson on what Lolita is and a little of the history. The panel part was okay except even with time constraints, I wish there was a little more in depth detail about certain things that the girls touched upon. One of my major complaints though is that some statements were very biased and a lot of what "you shouldn't do". If there is a "rule" then I feel there should be alternatives of what should be done. Like with animal ears. I wear bunny ears with a lot of my coords. But to them, it is considered "ita" or the "weeabo" of Lolita. Honestly, I feel there shouldn't be any rules in Lolita. Lolita is a fashion. It should be fun. Not overrun with rules. Yes, some things are necessary but having fun and feeling happy with what you look like are the main important parts of any fashion.

After the show, my friend and I checked through the next door gaming room. It was pretty dark in there but there were a lot of games. It wasn't as big as the game room at Otakon but still big enough. I saw a lot of older games and older systems. I saw someone playing one of the original Sonic games! But nothing that really caught my eye. And no DDR, sadly.  Eventually we separated because she had to return to her table in Artist Alley. I decided to walk around a bit to check out what else was going on. I got a lot more photos of different cosplay and fashion as well as getting my own photo taken. I have to say though, I was really happy with a lot of the old school stuff in this con. I saw cosplay of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Chrono Cross to name a few. There's something special when you see people cosplaying your favorite characters from older games and series. You feel it but just can't quite explain it.

After a while of walking around, seeing as how it would be a bit of time before going to the next panel, I went back to go around Artist Alley again to check out some of the awesome stuff there. My next panel wasn't until 3:45 so I made sure to get to the right room by 3 so I could make sure to get a good seat. This panel was about the latest news from all the upcoming stuff from Kodansha Comics (the company that publishes series like Fairy Tail and Sailor Moon). It was hosted by one of the editors, Ben Applegate. He spoke a little about all of the different books that they would be getting at some point this year.

One thing I'm really happy about is Kodansha and a lot of other publishing companies are making big pushes to release their translations around the same time Japan releases theirs. There seems to be a trend in that with video games as well, as we saw that there is going to be a worldwide release for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. I, as well as many other fans of anime, manga and video games, feel that that's how it should have always been but I guess it's better late than never. So Kodansha will be going full speed ahead until they catch up with Japan's releases of Fairy Tail.

Other titles that we will be seeing released this year:

Sailor Moon Art Book - I'm very excited about this. Since 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of every shojo fan's beloved series, Sailor Moon, there will be a ton of new things coming out. One of these is a worldwide release of an art book that will be put together by Kodansha and it will feature Naoko Takeuchi-sensei's old work and unreleased new work. Each country will get their own special gift along with the book that will be unlike the other countries! I wonder which one the US will get!

Attack on Titan - One of the biggest series that is being published by Kodansha this year. It's about humanity's final stand against these ginormous beings called Titans. If you love series like Berserk, full of action, fighting and gushing blood - you should definitely check this one out!

Sankarea: Undying Love - Basically about a boy that's so into zombies and of the like, he wants comfort them from the tragedies that made them become a zombie. It gets a little weird but it's supposed to be a mix of romance, comedy and a few elements of horror. I'm not quite sure how to feel about it but it will be an odd take on slice of life series.

No. 6 - Two boys are trying to run away from the government, in a post apocalyptic world, while trying to protect this thing called No. 6, whatever that is. Not my cup of tea as I am pretty tired of everyone jumping on the post apocalypse type of world wagon. But you can find the full summary of the series on Kodansha's website and see for yourself.

Vinland Saga - This one actually sounds kind of interesting. It's a new work by the same guy that made "Planetes". It's about a viking named Thorfinn. His father was killed and now the son is out for revenge. But his quest for revenge soon turns into getting thrown in the mix of a war. Sounds pretty epic, right?!

After the panel, I pretty much went around the con to take more photos of cosplayers before heading back to Artist Alley to meet up with my friends. After closing up shop for the night, we went to get food and went back to our rooms.

That's it for Saturday! Next time will be my final part to my con report - Sunday!

Until Next Time~

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