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30 Day Loli Challenge! Day 2 – 10 Things You Love in Lolita [05-09-2013]

Hi my little Bunnies! Hope you're all doing well today. I have another post for you from the 30 Day Lolita Challenge! Yay!

"10 Things You Love in Lolita"

1. The Friends I Make
Ever since getting into Lolita, I was able to meet a lot of wonderful people to add to my growing list of friends. Either through a blog, a con or through friends - there is a surprising large number of Lolitas around the world. And many thanks to the internet, I am able to keep in touch with them all The more people you get to meet, the wider your eyes become. You learn about different lives, different cultures and different ways of doing things. It's like reading an encyclopedia!

2. Tons of Styles
There are so many different ways to dress in Lolita. You can pick almost any time period or make up your own. There are even ones that you put together by just how you feel! Some of my favorites include Classic, Sweet and Fairy Kei. I know there are some that love Decora or Gothic. But each has its own unique style and each is just as beautiful as the next. I like to experiment and see which ones fit me best!

3. Desserts
Did I mention I have a HUGE sweet tooth?!  A lot of the parties and cafes that many Lolitas like to go to have a lot of yummy things to choose from. Some of them are more tailored to the event but you can never go wrong with a bowl of ice cream or a sweet piece of cake. I don't know if it's just the images I find in magazines or online but beautifully decorated desserts are always present. In either case, that makes me really happy!

4. Events
Lolita events always seem like a lot of fun. I read blog posts about different Lolitas going to a tea party held by their favorite brand or parties that they and their friends arrange themselves. There are also events at cons like a cafe or a fashion show. Sometimes it's a big meetup with the local Lolitas.  Other than cons, I've only been to the Lolita Winter Wonderland here in NY which I still need to make a post about!. But I do hope to go to a lot more!

5. Ability to Make Up My Own Coords
On Lolita shopping sites and other websites like Tumblr, you will see a lot of pre-made coordinates. But since there are no official rules, you can make up any kind of coord with whatever you want.  I usually like to have a theme in mind before I even pick the dress. Then, I like to match my accessories and colors with the dress or skirt I choose. You can actually make it into like a game and it can be pretty fun! Kind of like playing with those paper dress up dolls.

6. Accessories
I LOVE accessories. Before Lolita, I never thought about some of the things I could wear on my head. I mean, whoever thought about putting candy or plushies in your hair? It's pretty awesome if you ask me. As you all know, I have a strong love for rabbits and I just feel extra cute with a pair of rabbit ears.  My accessories range from cute and cuddly animals to desserts like cookies and cakes. Even my wigs are super colorful and resemble pastel candy!

7. Prints
Some of my favorite things have been made into lovely prints. Things like stars, bunnies, unicorns, rainbows, cakes, etc. There are just so many different prints out there and done in so many different ways. It makes me feel really happy to be a Lolita!

8. Bags
Lolita bags are in the same category as prints! They can be any shape or have any different design. There are even ones that can look like a present! It's so cool! I should really do a post on the different bags I have. They're so adorable!

9. Blogging
I love writing up blog posts about things that interest me and reading things from other bloggers. Blogging is like a window to another world for the reader.  It allows you to tell your story without having to be an actual book writer. You can just learn so much by what people share. Sharing is caring!

10. To Be Me
As I keep mentioning - I always wanted to feel I could be myself. Lolita is definitely something that I feel is a part of me. I can dress however I want to. I can include all of my favorite things. 

And I am truly happy doing it all.

Thanks for reading Day 2! Until next time~

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