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30 Day Loli Challenge! Day 1 – 10 Things About Your Lolita Bubble [05-07-2013]

 Hi Bunnies!

Today, I wanted to start a series of posts to participate in the "30 Day Lolita Challenge". You'd be able to learn a little about me and I can post more. I've been doing a overhaul for a lot of things so I thought it would be a nice little break!

So here is the first: "10 Things About Your Lolita Bubble"

1. Starting Out
Ever since I was little, I was heavily into colorful and sparkly things. I grew up with Rainbow Brite, My Little Ponies and Jem and the Holograms. For a while, when I went from high school to college, it kind of disappeared. But it came right back once I saw the beautiful fashions from Japan. And it kinda just took off! I started off just buying accessories from where I could and then I was finally able to get full coords together. I'm happy to say I'm not that bad of a Lolita! 

2. Brand? Off-brand?
I'm not sure what the whole debate issue is here. There are some Lolitas that prefer to wear only brand things. And there are some that don't really care as long as it looks good. I'm more of the latter. I am happy I own one Baby dress but everything else is from an indie shop or an off-brand site. I think part of that (besides not being able to afford 300$+ dresses all of the time) is the hunt for these pieces. With indie shops and off-brand pieces, it's like a scavenger hunt except you have no idea what you're going to find. And a lot of the times, you find something that's just pure magic and you can do so much with it for your coords.

3. Lifestyle
The lifestyle of a Lolita has always amazed me. I am working on getting every single issue of Gothic & Lolita Bible and I get a glimpse how a lot of these girls live. It's such a fantastical and beautiful life.  Wearing gorgeous things everyday, having tea parties and just living in the time period of each sub style sounds pretty cool!

4. Reception from Others
I am so frustrated that I live in a place where many frown upon the fashion or make fun of it.  If I am going with my friends to an event, I have to travel to a friend's house to get ready. Because if I take public transportation to my destination by myself, it will not end well. I don't do well with perverts and/or people that just want to harass me. Sometimes I wish I lived in a place like somewhere in Europe or Japan, where people just accept it for what it is. Now I know everywhere has its good things and bad things but I also know some places are more accepting of things like Lolita. And I do get compliments but just not as much as I get laughed at.

5.  Favorite Style
 It is definitely a tie between Sweet Lolita and Fairy Kei. They work so well with each other that I can interchange just a few pieces and one style can become the other style. I love the bright colors, the very cute skirts, printed tights/socks and wigs! I've been told that cute definitely works for me and I'm really happy about that.

6. Coping with the Expected and What's Ideal
Because of where I live, I have to basically have two lives. One where I dress in regular jeans, cute shirts and keep everything toned down. And the other is living my life as a Lolita. It is ideal for me to be in full Lolita but when I can't, I make sure to incorporate as much of the accessories as possible. I'll have a few cute hair accents or all of my jewelry will be something that I have saved for a coord. It allows me to look "normal" but still be somewhat Lolita at the same time.

7. Lolita and Art
I graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design. I also started making accessories. I was always looking for my niche and had a hard time coming up with designs. But ever since getting into Lolita and following the blogs of so many wonderful and inspirational people, I feel I have found my niche. I am learning by doing and trying things I never would have done had I been by the book all of the time. My work flows more freely and I can be myself.  And to me, that is the most important thing.

8. The Desserts!
This is definitely one of my favorite things about Lolita! For some reason, I think Lolita and I think about all of the yummy goodies we can eat.  There are so many cakes, crepes, cookies and so much more that are so pretty and so fit to be eaten by a Lolita. Then again, with the work that goes into each coord, it feels like we are decorating ourselves as a beautiful dessert to be taken in by the world's eyes.

9. How My Loved Ones Feel
Other than my friends and boyfriend, only my immediate family knows that I dress up like this. My friends and boyfriend actually encourage me and help me greatly with each coord I work on. They're very supportive and I'm glad for that My family is not used to it so they do find it amusing. But it's not harmful to me and I just keep dressing in Lolita. And it's through Lolita that I met a lot more great friends.

10. How Lolita Changed My Life
It all goes back to when I was that kid in front of the TV, watching shows like Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms. This is who I am and who I will always be And I am much happier with the me that I am now than I have ever been. I gained more confidence in my looks and in what I can do. And if this is just the starting point, I can't wait till I get to the next step.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time~

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