Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's In the Box Wednesday: Roxie Sweetheart Review [10-03-2012]

(^▽^)/What's In the Box?\(^▽^)

Hi little bunnies! This post is a little late but I am finally getting through my backlog of reviews! Being sick doesn't help when you're trying to write up posts.

Anyhoo - inside the today is a cute jewelry set I bought from a lovely shop in the UK ~ ♥ Roxie Sweetheart ♥! If you're into cute Harajuku Japanese style, this is definitely a place to shop at. Here, you'll find things like big brightly colored bows, adorable brooches and sweet bunny jewelry like the ones I bought.

First, I have to talk about the sweet packaging. Roxie Sweetheart's logo and mascot is this really cute pink-haired girl with lots of curl! Even the bags that the pieces came in remind me of sweet candy. I love how they were held closed with pretty Roxie Sweetheart designed stickers.

The necklace I got is something I always wanted. I have a thing for bird cages but I also love bunnies. This is a great combination of the two! There are three little white bunnies with bright pink eyes. Two of them look like they're trying to get the third one out of its cage. Such naughty bunnies! Decorating the cage are several pink hearts and a little strawberry. The chain that the cage hangs from is pretty long but it's super comfy to wear and there's even a little acrylic heart hanging from it with the Roxie Sweetheart logo text.

I also got a matching bunny ring! It's a fluffy white bunny puff with cute little ears and eyes sitting on a gold-colored adjustable ring. Isn't it adorable? I really like how the bunnies are designed in this shop.


I do have to admit I had a little trouble ordering because of me ordering on the phone and I tend to have bad luck shopping on that.Ha ha! But I had no worries, I emailed the shop and got help right away. Roxie Sweetheart gives great and super helpful service. And they have amazing stuff! It was definitely a nice experience ordering from them!

Thank you, Roxie Sweetheart! I'm definitely a fan and will be ordering again in the future!

Cuddles & Kisses,



  1. Awwwww this is so awesome and cute! I want it now!! <3
    Btw your blog is so cute I'm glad that I found it <3

  2. cool!!!!! soo cute loveing the style!!! are u on twitter?


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