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Follow the Music: Eternal Sonata Review [10-19-2012]

Happy Friday! You might be expecting a Lolita Blog Carnival post today but I have chosen not to participate this week. Hopefully for the next one I will! Today will be more of a thought/review!

As you know, I own the XBOX360 version of Eternal Sonata (aka "Trusty Bell - Chopin's Dream"). It took me a while to finish it because my first system broke down on me. I was so upset because it was the system (thankfully not the hard drive) and I really wanted to continue playing this game!

I am a big fan of classical music but I don't know a lot about the history of the composers. Eternal Sonata actually gives the player the opportunity to learn about the life of one of the most famous composers - Frédéric François Chopin. Yes, the Polish composer that lived in the early 1800s and created beautiful pieces like "Funeral March in C Minor" and "Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp Minor".

In Eternal Sonata, we learn that Chopin is in his final hours, his body very weak from having Tuberculosis. He's unconscious in his bed as the doctor and two women (probably one of them being his lover) watch him as it was explained that this night would be his most trying time yet.

We soon go into a world that doesn't seem to match where Chopin is. There, we meet many different characters. We have the heroic Allegretto. The innocent Beat. The pure Polka. (Sounds very fitting for a game about a composer right?) There are more characters named Viola, Serenade, Crescendo, March, Salsa, Claves, Jazz and Falsetto.And would you believe that all of these are playable characters?! (The only sad part is that Prince Crescendo and Princess Serenade are only available to join your team on the PS3 version of the game.)

Each character has their own part in the story but all reach to the same ultimate goal and each have their own skills. Polka is a great healer while March is a power hitter (and great for combos). I just love the fact that they are all named after musical terms!

The game has a pretty good story. Basically, each of the characters have something they want to protect but feel threatened by the evil Count Waltz. The Count has a plan for the people of the world to use a harmful substance called Mineral Powder. It's supposed to be used as medicine but has bad side effects. Polka has a more natural version called Floral Powder which actually is a medicine. 

As you can tell by the original name of the game, the events of these characters' story takes place in Chopin's dream while he sleeps. During the course of events, we also get nice interludes that feature not only a select piece by Chopin, but a story of the composer's real life. Honestly, if it weren't for this game, I wouldn't have learned so much about what he's been through.

I won't say everything but Chopin has been through a lot. He escaped the coming revolution in Poland and could never get back home. He was homesick and sad that he lost the place he belonged. A lot of his music was based on his feelings and how much he missed Poland. He was glad to be alive but it's still difficult to go on when you can't go home. Many themes like being homesick, running away, fighting for what's right and friendship are big things in this game. 

I think Eternal Sonata did a great job of not only teaching us about such an amazing composer, but teaching us about music and fighting for our beliefs. I didn't go a lot into details because the experience I got from playing is something I'll always treasure.It has a beautiful soundtrack and amazing visuals. And the clothing design even looks like variations of Lolita! ♥ Even the battles are fun. I highly recommend this game to any RPG and/or music lover! Won't you give it a try?

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