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Anime Watch: ☆Citrus Review☆

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Ok, so it's been a while since I wrote an anime review but I finally finished Citrus!

Getting another one done on My Anime List


During the summer of her freshman year of high school, Yuzu Aihara's mother remarried, forcing her to transfer to a new school. To a fashionable socialite like Yuzu, this inconvenient event is just another opportunity to make new friends, fall in love, and finally experience a first kiss. Unfortunately, Yuzu's dreams and style do not conform with her new ultrastrict, all-girls school, filled with obedient shut-ins and overachieving grade-skippers. Her gaudy appearance manages to grab the attention of Mei Aihara, the beautiful and imposing student council president, who immediately proceeds to sensually caress Yuzu's body in an effort to confiscate her cellphone.

Thoroughly exhausted from her first day, Yuzu arrives home and discovers a shocking truth—Mei is actually her new step-sister! Though Yuzu initially tries to be friendly with her, Mei's cold shoulder routine forces Yuzu to begin teasing her. But before Yuzu can finish her sentence, Mei forces her to the ground and kisses her, with Yuzu desperately trying to break free. Once done, Mei storms out of the room, leaving Yuzu to ponder the true nature of her first kiss, and the secrets behind the tortured expression in the eyes of her new sister.

Rating Summary

Plot/Story 6/10

I will admit, I probably have more of the other genres on my seen list than dramas. But this series featured a gyaru as one of the main protags and I was genuinely interested in the plot. Especially since the gal is not just for sexual eye candy, is not a ditz and doesn't look like an overblown blow up doll. But as I watched it, I remembered why I don't watch dramas that often. Every new episode had max level of drama. I think it started off strong and gave some of the characters real definition. But as it started getting closer to the last few episodes, I felt that the creators threw in random characters just to have more drama than necessary. I definitely did not see the purpose of Sara and Nina....

It could be my own fault for not reading the manga to get a better understanding of what was happening. But many have said that the anime was pretty close so maybe I really didn't have to read it too? I remember at one point I was basically throwing my hands up in the air whenever something new prevented Mei and Yuzu from getting together. If anything the drama was just getting to be annoying and I'm kinda glad it stopped at 12 episodes. I know shoujo is usually very dramatic but at least other series had brief moments of reprieve...

Animation/Design 9/10
A lot of the characters were just downright pretty. And the backgrounds were very painting-like. Even when scenes were indoors, the backgrounds were always very elaborate and colorful. Especially the school as well as Yuzu and Mei's room.

I did have to hand it to the designers by symbolism of the girls' bookcase. Even by the final episode, you could still see that Mei's half was still black and white. In a way, it kind of leads me to believe that we will be getting a second season. Or maybe it's just still the reflection of Mei's character. Who knows?

Characters 8/10
My favorite characters have to be Yuzu and Harumin. To me they brought the life to the series. I know Mei is supposed to be the serious one that has her heart locked away but she just seemed too distant. I couldn't connect with her at all! Usually with characters like that, you can see a little bit of life in them. But the most we saw into her story was when her father was involved or when Yuzu actually broke through her emotional wall (which wasn't often). I would have also loved to see more Harumin. But at the moment, she just seemed to be a plot device to kick Yuzu in gear when she was feeling down.

Now, if there is a Season 2, maybe we'll get to see more into Mei and Harumin. I think even Himeko, Matsuri, Nina and Sara had more screen time. Here's hoping they'll fix that!

Audio/Soundtrack 7/10
All of the music save for the opening and ending were instrumental. They matched the series and helped define the scenes. Like I've said before, when it comes to SoL series, there's not much to the soundtrack.

Opening Theme
"Azalea (アザレア)" by nano.RIPE
Ending Theme
"Dear Teardrop" by Mia REGINA

I don't have any complaints about the themes but they weren't my favorites either. Though if I did have to choose between the two I prefer the opening.

Overall Rating 7.5/10
I would have liked to give this series a higher score but it really wasn't as amazing as I hoped. In fact, it was only because of Yuzu and Harumin, that it even got this high of a score. With the right combination, I did discover I can watch shoujo ai with no problem. I have nothing against it but I've never really gone looking for series like this. I just wish the drama was a little more evened out and maybe even a little more comedy. And am I the only one that noticed Yuzu seeming less and less like a gyaru? Like she was conforming to the norm of the school. It could just be me but I was pretty much done with the series by the end.

Please let me know your opinions in the comments if you watched it!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. I watched this series too and I have to agree... it was pretty drawn out and the extra characters kind of annoying? Like, a lot of them were unnecessary. The art style was really nice though :D I don't regret watching it but I kind of wish they had gone in a different direction with it.


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