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✩Kawaii Review: Bonne Chance Collections✩

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I don't know why it's so difficult all of a sudden to keep on top of blogging. But I'm definitely going to be working harder at it when I am off from work! Anyway, today I have a lovely review for you...

They are a sweet clothing shop in Arizona, USA! They make adorable dresses with all kinds of prints in various sizes and styles. I love their retro styles especially~

Here are some of the dresses they've made straight from their site!

I had been eyeing the stuff in their shop for a while now. Always looking out for their new pieces on their Insta: @BonnechanceCollections but I was either out of money or they were sold out. You have to be quick or everything is out of stock as soon as it's posted. But this time I saw one that I had to have and managed to get it!

Within a couple of hours after placing my order, I already got a shipping email! That was crazy fast. And in just a few days, it was delivered.

Now, when I tell you Bonne Chance takes care of you and your order, they really do. I opened the mailer to find this adorable wrapped present for me with a card! I was so excited and happy.

Inside the wrapping was tissue paper.

And inside that, was my order wrapped in protective plastic wrapping sealed with a cute sticker!

My dress!

It's a sweet cherry and strawberry print that's perfect for the summer! The top is a cropped off-the-shoulder style with lots of stretch! The skirt is made of the same material with elastic only in the back of the waistband.

Now here is where I became sad for but a moment.
I read the measurements on the website because they go by S, M, etc. You should always read the details to make sure you're picking the right one! I knew the top would be okay because I'm pretty small on top but it's always a struggle with the bottom.

And sadly for me, the skirt being a size S was too small for me ToT

However, I was able to contact the company in hopes they would help me.
They definitely did and came through! Bonne Chance got back to me right away and helped me get a new skirt in size M.

They were super nice about it and I am extremely happy to be able to wear the set! I still want to lose weight but this size fits much better!

✩Review Summary

Contact: 10/10
They are always ready to help and are super sweet! I can't emphasize this enough. Even with my issue which I caused myself, they were extremely nice and helpful about it. It never hurts to ask.

Price: 10/10
A lot of other places would charge at least double the price for dresses like these. Especially in the retro styles. But these dresses are very affordable! Sometimes, they even throw special sales~

Shipping: 10/10
Crazy fast and very protected! Shipping cost is also very low!

Quality: 10/10
Crisp and clear print with clean stitching. These pieces are definitely not mass-produced and you can tell all the love and care that goes into making them. I have fallen in love with each and every dress that has been made by this brand and if I could, my closet would be full of them!

Comfort: 10/10
They are definitely true to size. Please pay attention to their measurements on their website. But when you find that right size, it's like heaven~

Overall: 10
Even with my little oops, I still had a wonderful experience. We were able to work everything out and as soon as I can, I wanna buy more from them! In all honesty, the only little note I have is that I wish you could mix sizes if you get a 2-piece like I did. I'm much bigger on the bottom than the top so the top in a size S fit me perfectly. And if I had chosen the M size, the top would have been too big for me. But that's really it. And to me, that's amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this review and will buy from them! It's always a good thing to help out small businesses!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. Such a cute set! And it's great when companies are so nice about their customer service :)

  2. that set looks lovely on you so cute! That's so good to hear about their customer service, I've been looking at their stuff before so it's so good to know that they're good company.

  3. aaahh! I'm so crazy for cherry / strawberry printed clothes right now! This looks SO cute on you (♥v♥) I'm glad you had an overall great experience with them, that's always a blessing when it comes to online shopping ^^
    - Amiman♥


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