Thursday, May 10, 2018

☆My Little Pony Shopping☆

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Wow! It's been a minute since I last blogged on here. DX But no worries, I am back. Had to deal with real life stuff including getting a part of our house fixed. I had to move everything temporarily to another room while it was being worked on. But it's all back now!

Today, I bring you a special little review!

Ever since I was little, I was obsessed with My Little Pony. I even had this gorgeous Sea Pony as a cake decoration when I was about maybe 5? But I have never seen it since the photo was taken and I was so sad because it's gone. But now that toy collectors are around, you can find some pretty nice additions to your own collection.

I follow @kitkatvintage_sales on Insta and they always have great sales on all my favorite toys from when I grew up. And just a couple of weeks ago, I saw they listed this beautiful girl~


I couldn't believe that it was a complete and very clean set! I had to have her. I really wanted to get my hands on a sea pony and this was perfect. So I put my claim in and won her!

I had never bought from them before so I made sure to read all of the rules before putting in my comment. Luckily they are very nice and I did just fine. And soon she was on my doorstep.

She arrived safely in this box with lots of protective materials.

Each part of the set was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap so I knew she'd be okay.

Here are the cute little comb and brush that I remember came with all sea ponies.

Look at this shell! It's in beautiful condition! It still even has the suction cup!

What I loved about a lot of 80s toys is that if it was water-themed, they made it so that it could also have a cute little stand. That way when you were done playing, your bath buddy could still stay with you.

And here is my precious girl - Seawinkle!

She's in amazing condition. Her hair is nice and shiny with a slight curl. Just as I remember! I also love how she still has the little colorings on her fins and the blush cheeks.

That hair, though!

I am so ridiculously happy to finally own a Sea Pony again. I hope to be able to have another Wavedancer in similar condition!

What are your favorite toys to collect?

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. So cute! I used to collect My Little Ponies at tag sales and refurbish them and make them all nice and beautiful again! It was so satisfying, as I felt I was rescuing them and they came out wonderfully like brand new! I have sense donated a whole bunch to children in need. I hope they will love them。.。:+♡*♥


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