Tuesday, December 5, 2017

☆Kawaii Review: Yume Twins☆

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Looks like I have to apologize for my disappearance again! I've been working like crazy at both jobs due to the holiday season. So by the time I get home (which is usually late at night), I'm too exhausted to work on much of anything.

But, luckily I got a couple of days off so I can show you a Kawaii Review!


Yume Twins is a monthly kawaii subscription box with themes of items from Japan. There is only one kind of box you can get but you can choose how long you want your subscription to be. With a coupon, I was able to get it for less than the usual price of 35$ USD. Before I said ouch, I wanted to see what kind of goodies I would get in it. I only paid for one box because this was my first time trying them out.

And the thing that got me even wanting the box was this adorable bunny from Amuse.

Here it is. It's pretty sturdy and colorful. Very pastel and kawaii-looking.

Inside, we are greeted with a very pastel green. There is a postcard and all of the month's items. The inside of the box has info on ways to share our boxes with them and maybe get them posted.

Let's take a look at the items~

✩AMUSE "Poteusa Loppy" Rabbit Plushie
As you know, I'm a crazy bunny lady XD So I was really excited to get this plush. There were different bunnies you could get. I got the white one with a pink polka-dot hat. It's super soft and cuddly. It's not the smallest size and still huggable.

✩Pokemon Mini Pouch
This is a great item for Pokemon fans like me. Everyone received one of the few random designs including Pikachu, Mimikkyu and others. I got the sleeping Eevee. Isn't he adorable? It's a small pouch made of a soft vinyl and can definitely hold change, cards and other small items. 

On the back is a tiled print of Eevee!

✩AMUSE Character Bakery Squishies
I seriously thought that Amuse only made plushies. I don't really collect squishies but this one is super cute and really does look like a baked bread! You could get a cat, hamster, dog or bunny. I got one of the cats. It's really soft and slow-rising for a smaller squishy. It has a ball chain so you could hang it on your bag or keys~

And just like some Asian bakeries, it is stamped on the back.

✩Sanrio Key Cover
This was a nice little surprise - a random key cover in one of the popular Sanrio characters. I was super excited to find out I got My Melody! It will fit most keys and just slides right on. Once I get a better setup for my keys, I will definitely use it.

✩Sanrio Ruler
The people packing my box must have known I love bunnies and My Melo. XD I received a beautiful My Melo ruler which actually expands so you can make it longer or make angles. It's very pink and glittery with My Melo and constellations. It will definitely be helpful for when I make smaller bows~

✩Sanrio Little Twin Stars Letter Set
There was only one version of this set but I don't think anyone minded at all. It contains 12 sheets of paper, 6 envelopes and a sheet of stickers. That means, you could send two sheets to each recipient! All in this very sweet print of Kiki and Lala playing with the magical unicorns in the sky.

✩Disney Tsum Tsum Fleece Lap Blanket
This was the other reason I wanted this box. XD I love Tsum Tsums! The design I got featured Donald and smaller Tsums of Daisy, Chip and Dale. 

It's very soft and warm for my lap. 

✩Review Summary

Contact: 10/10
You are constantly notified of each step of your order - from confirmation to shipping.

Price: 7/10
While I loved everything I got, I feel that 35$ is a little ouch. Like I feel they could have packed an extra item or two and I think that would have sufficed. But it just didn't feel like I got my money's worth of items.

Shipping: 9/10
It took a bit of time to get to me but it arrived safely and nothing was damaged.

Quality: 10/10
It's all official from each respective brand so all was great quality.

Comfort: 8/10
I was happy with how easy it was to order. They always have coupons somewhere online for everyone to use.

Overall: 8.8
It was a good trial run for this box but I don't feel like I would subscribe again. The items in this box were very cute and things I like but without the coupon, it's not that great of a deal for me.

Have you tried this box already? What was your favorite?

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. The plushie is so cute!! And the stationary is also super cute (and useful as well!) This box looks really adorable.

    1. Thank you! I fell in love with the plushie so much!


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