Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tokyo Kawaii Life Get!

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

Long time no see! Today, I bring you an overdue review from my last purchase. It has a little funny story with it too. 

Back in February, Liz Lisa announced that they were coming out with a new rabbit series! Of course, I was beyond excited. Since I missed out on the first rabbit series, I knew I had to get at least one item from this one.

Rabbit Ribbon

It's an adorable print with bunnies, baskets, strawberries and of course ribbons. It's super sweet and just perfect for the coming spring. In the series, there was the JSK, sukapan, blouse, sweater and a few other cute items. I wanted to get the beautiful sweater and the sukapan as a set but that just wasn't possible for my wallet... 

So I went with just the sukapan - which was fine for me.

At the time, Tokyo Kawaii Life was doing a preorder for the series. I know many Liz Lisa collectors love prints with ribbons and strawberries. And the sweater is really pretty. So I thought it was going to sell out fast like most of Liz Lisa stock.

Do you know I actually woke up before 5am to make sure I could try to snag something? I couldn't even believe I was up at that hour for fashion!

But guess what...I had no problem getting the skirt. It was actually hours before some of the items were sold out. It's not like the My Melody releases.... ^^;

Anyway, I managed to get it in white and all I had to do was wait.

It was about a month before it arrived at my house. And of course this was about the time where I was still sick so it had been sitting in the mailer for a while. But I'm finally able to show it to you buns!

It arrived in this Tokyo Kawaii Life bag. I used Tenso to order and it was just as easy as using my usual From Japan service.

Inside, my sukapan was protected with a plastic sealed bag.

And here it is!
My first Liz Lisa sukapan!

I was so afraid that it wouldn't fit because of the shorts inside but it fits just right! It also goes over my hips well due to the shirring in the back.


The adorable bunny print! I'm so in love~
They're so sweet and look like they came out of a Beatrix Potter book.


The adorable ribbon detail.
I love how they match the print's ribbons.

Here's a quick coord just to show the fit. I'll make a proper one later on~

I'm really happy with this series and I hope they will re-release it so I can get the sweater. Have you bought anything from Liz Lisa recently? 

Let me know in the comments!

That's all for now! See you next time!


  1. This skirt is adorable! I love the print on it~
    It suits you well!

  2. So cute! I love the strawberry rabbit stuff as well but I still have to ship mine lol. Glad you already got yours.

    1. Thank you! I was so impatient xD What did you get from the series? :3

  3. It's so cute!!! Love bunnies as well *u* and strawberry!! There is a Liz Lisa shop I can get to by train here, but we don't get the latest stuff T^T
    It looks so adorable haha I'm happy through you to see it

    1. Bunnies and strawberries are awesome!♥ Ahhh you're so lucky to have a Liz Lisa! NY doesn't have one :(
      Awwww thank you ♥

  4. I haven't purchased anything from Liz Lisa but God this is so pretty~~~ A bunny series is perfect for you!! \(♥A♥)/ I'm so happy you feel well and can dress up again ^^
    -Amiman ♥

    1. Oh you should! I love seeing you in Himekaji! There are always really good sales and it's so easy to order through Tenso!
      Hehe thank you, lovey (*´∀`*)


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