Friday, December 30, 2016

New Makeup Palette and Bunny Stuff!

Hello Hello, Lil Buns!

It's Friday! Yay! And finally end of 2016! Double yay!

I have to work on Sunday so I really can't party but oh well...

This week is my birthday and I'm actually kind of meh about it. A lot of my friends are going to anime and videogame cons so I don't know if anyone will be around to hang out with. Especially since I work only one day this week...

But it is what it is, I guess.


I decided to treat myself to a new makeup palette. It's from Physician's Formula, a cruelty-free brand with many pretty products. But they tend to be pricey so I don't really buy unless there's a sale.

This is the
Extreme Shimmer in Disco Glam

Check out the gorgeous shine in my swatches!
I can't wait to try them in my make~

I even made a small video to show how each color glistens in the light.
It can also supposedly be used as eyeliner when activated with a liquid. I've never had makeup that does that so this will be interesting.

A friend of mine that I don't get to see often (different working schedules) gave me adorable gifts for Christmas, too! She knows about my love for Sailor Moon and Gyaru fashion. We're also both artists. I got the Sailor Moon Pop Figure, an awesome bag and a sweet mug (not pictured) that says "Do What You Love".

We're doing our best and encourage each other a lot. So the mug is really sweet and motivating for me.

Please check out her work!
A photo posted by Leslie Galindo-Flores🌸 (@pukingpaint.artwork) on

Yesterday, my mom received a package in the mail from Kate Spade (a really nice but expensive brand best known for their purses). There were two items inside and both were for me! One was a late Christmas gift and the other was supposed to be for my birthday but since they arrived together, she let me have it early.

They had a full line of adorable bunny themed items! And my mom got me these adorable pieces. A pair of bunny earrings and a cute and fluffy bunny puff bag charm!

They're so cute and just perfect!

Hope you all have a great day!

That's all for now! See you next time!


  1. Such cute gifts~ And omg the eyeshadow swatches! So pretty and shimmery!! I hope you enjoy your birthday! ♥

    1. Thank you so much! I plan to visit the Sanrio store so I hope so XD


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