Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kawaii Review: Tasty Peach Studios

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

Hope you're having a wonderful week so far. I have a Kawaii Review for you today. This parcel comes from an awesome little shop called

Tasty Peach Studios is a very kawaii shop based in Indiana. The creator and head artist, Ryan, is a sweet and amazingly talented kawaii artist. It is thanks to her and her shop that we have adorable creatures like Meowchi, Chirii and Inukii.

In the store, you'll be able to find all kinds of accessories including jewelry, bags, charms and even plushies! OMG I love their plushies. Everything is super soft and squishy! I have hugged them when I saw them at cons in the past~ Their booths are always so colorful and happy. And their products are great quality!

I even own this Meowchi shirt!

Now let's see what they sent me.

It took almost no time at all for my package to arrive at my doorstep in perfect condition.

I was able to choose what characters I wanted for a charm and a lanyard. They were waiting for me in this very pretty shiny organza baggy!

And here they are! I chose Tofusagi for the lanyard and Nocturii for the charm.

Nocturii Charm - $6
I love bats! Fruit bats being one of my favorite kind. And Nocturii is just adorable! I love the fact that they describe her as a "dragonfruit bat". So not only is she a fruit bat but she's an actual fruit bat! XD The charm is made of metal with enamel paint. They even gave me a matching dust plug cover to add her to my phone~!

Her colors are bright pastels and well defined. Great design and make! I hate it when charms tend to get messy, especially with their paint job. But this is beautifully made~

Here is the back of the charm.

Tofusagi Lanyard - $5
Tofusagi, of course, is part bunny and I just had to have it. If you ever go to a place where you need to have ID visible on you at all times like at a con or a business, these lanyards are amazing. They are covered all the way around with the designs. They're made of a soft silky material so they don't irritate the skin at all! They are long enough where they don't feel like a choker but they don't get in the way either.

I love the Tofusagi print! They're tofu bunnies (two of my favorite things!) in different poses. Their fluffy tails and sweet faces make me smile. They look really soft. I hope to get a plushie of one soon!

Kieli's Rating (out of 5)
Overall Rating

This was a wonderful opportunity and experience with Tasty Peach Studios. Contact with the shop's team was always pleasant - never a problem! For such great quality products, their prices and shipping are greatly affordable! I'm VERY happy and pleased with my package~

The lanyard is extremely soft and doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin! (Yay!) The colors do not rub off and it's washable! I'm so happy to add Nocturii and Tofusagi to my growing Tasty Peach Studios collection. Hope to add more in the future!

Hope you liked my review!

That's all for now! See you next time!


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