Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Kawaii Review: Liz Lisa x My Melody 40th Anniversary

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

I am super excited for today's post! Now that I've gotten more into Gyaru, I've been following a lot more Gyaru IG accounts. (So if you have one, please let me know~) And thanks to one of those accounts, I was able to get one of my most recent dream dresses!

As a lot of you buns know, My Melody celebrated 40 years this year~! One of her special collabs was with Liz Lisa! I say special because I don't think there are any My Melody x Liz Lisa collabs where you actually see My Melody on the print.

Other than novelty items and accessories, the wearable pieces were the top, sukapan and the OP dress as shown here.

There was also the JSK, which I was lucky enough to get through this awesome shop called Multipal!

Multipal is a wonderful kawaii shop where you can find kawaii fashion and items! They're always posting new listings on their IG, eBay and now Storenvy! They sell a lot of good Liz Lisa pieces!

So let's get started~!

Multipal is actually located in Japan so my order took a bit of time from placing the order to its arrival.

This is how my dress arrived inside the package! Multipal was even sweet enough to include a hand-written note and a pack of Hello Kitty tissues.

And here is my dress!

Like all of Liz Lisa's other dresses and skirts, it is one size fits all with a bit of shirring. The fabric is very soft, almost like a chiffon.

Here's a closeup of the print! It's filled with floral bouquets and wreaths and cute little drawings of My Melody dressed up. Isn't it adorable?

At the bottom, a delicate lace trim peeks out from the lining layer.

The lining is just a simple white with the trim attached at the bottom.

Back up at the top, you can see all of the beautiful decorations around the waist. There are two bows on either side of the skirt. Around the waist is a wider lace floral trim which stretches with the fabric.

Here's a view of the back so you can see the shirring!

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Kieli's Rating (out of 5)
Overall Rating

It was super easy to order from Multipal! I had no issues whatsoever. My dress arrived safely and in perfect condition with the tag! I'm extremely happy with owning this dress! I plan to shop on Multipal for more clothing in the future!

Hope you liked my review!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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  1. Aaaaah that dress is so so cute! <3


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