Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anime Watch: Show by Rock!

Hiyo lil bunnies! 

I've been completely binging on anime recently and am always looking for more. Since I found (and watched the whole series of) Michiko to Hatchin on Tumblr, I found more gifs and pics of another series I fell in love with. Tumblr has been really helping me find good series that I can get into. :3

Have you heard of Show by Rock! ~?

~ Mega Moe Warning ~

It's a series about an extremely shy girl named Cyan who can play and write music. She wants to join the band in her school but her anxiety just won't allow her to try. One night, while playing a music game, she gets the special guitar Strawberry Heart which actually takes her to a different world!

We all find out, including Cyan herself, that Strawberry Heart can talk and basically brought her to this other world to help save the people (the Myumon) from dark monsters. But to do that, she needs to boost up her musical skills because music has power. All of the citizens have a core called a Melodisian stone that's kind of like their soul. The ones that are musically talented have ones that can absorb positive energies to power up. But it can also have the reverse effect when there are negative energies.

After Cyan arrives, she's asked by the president of Banded Rocking Records, Maple, to join his newest female group called Plasmagica. Oh and all of the Myumon are animals! So when Cyan arrives, she's no longer human but a super cute cat girl in Gothic Lolita! I have no idea what Maple is but most of the other characters call him an egg. XD

Maple Sacho~!

Plasmagica is made up of a bunny girl (the leader) named Chu Chu, a dog girl named Retoree and a sheep named Moa. Of course I love the bunny girl! She's super cute!

Maple also manages for his male group called ShinganCrimsonZ.

I still can't get over that this series was made by Sanrio! It's super cute but it also has it's dark moments. But overall a definite must watch!

You can hear all kinds of music by each of the different bands. The members of all the bands do get to go in super chibi mode, which I squeal so much at. And it's just all so nice to look at. The art is super moe but done really well. There's only 12 episodes but I was hooked.

If you saw this series or wanna check it out, let me know what you think of it!

That's all for now! See you next time!

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