Friday, March 29, 2013

Playing Catch-Up! [03-29-2013]

So I'm a really terrible blogger! Why do I feel I always make a blog post like this every few weeks?! There are so many things that have happened since my last post! I went to two cons, back to back!

I first attended a small college con, here in NY, called Spring Fest. It was small but pretty cute. And I think the best part was the Dealers/Artist Alley. I mostly dressed in Fairy Kei and Lolita, which was pretty nice! I went with some friends and met some other friends while there!

My second con was Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA. And get this - I actually sold some of the accessories I've been making!  For the longest time, I had been building up inventory and trying to open my shop. But I was able to sell many things at this con and it made me really happy that I actually had a lot of customers and some even came back~ But it really meant a lot to me to hear such sweet and kind compliments from everyone. Thank you all so much! 

Also, please feel free to take pictures of yourself with the pieces you bought from my shop and post them to my FB page: ♥ Rainbow Star Candy FB! ♥

And don't worry, I will make a future post with photos from the cons. There were a lot of nice cosplay.

But also because of this con, I have to buy more accessory-making supplies so I will be busy with that. Also, this coming weekend I will be making Easter-themed yummies! I plan to make bunny-shaped cake pops! Please look out for photos of those too.

That's all for now! I will definitely be back into blogging more often (and post all of the posts I had left over from last year). 

Until Next Time~

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