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Sweet Sunday: Alex London Designs [ 09-02-2012 ]

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Good Morning, Bunnies! Hope you're having a great long weekend! I am so glad the work week is over. Now I can concentrate on more important things. Heee~

My treat to you all today is a designer! Meet ♥ Alex London ♥. She is based outside of New York City where she makes elegant style clothes with a lot of gorgeous fabric, lace and anything else she might have in her arsenal. Her work has appeared in music videos, magazines and other publications. I haven't met her personally but I learned of her through one of my very good friends. And I am very excited writing this post about her.

Having started her schooling with pre-college courses at FIT and continued on at Parson The New School for Design, Alex has a lot of skill under her belt. Her use of style and judgment of how fabric flows really works well with her pieces. I believe one of her icons is the great Alexander McQueen. It definitely shows in where she gets her inspiration from.

Marie Antoinette

I'm a big fan of clothing similar to the Elizabethan and fantasy styles, so I really appreciate her work. All of the pieces I've seen on her sites all have working logic to them but still look elegant. Most of the time when I see clothing made by designers, they look nice but aren't always practical. There would always be parts to the piece where it's just there for aesthetics. For Alex London Designs, everything is together.

I can actually imagine people dressing up in her designs and going to dinners, parties and shows. They're not only things that can be worn by famous people on the Red Carpet. These are beautiful clothes for people like you and me. That's the feeling I get and it's a very nice feeling.

Most of her collections, from what I've noticed, don't rely on patterns alone. Fabric and detail work together to become a wearable piece of art. It's like the art comes to life even before it's finished. Her vision is a world I would love to be in. And speaking of art, the photography of her work is amazing too. It's like looking into a fashion show every time I go to her websites.

Makeup/hair test from Kagami f|w 2011

And speaking of websites, you can see photos of her collections and more on her main website, Tumblr and Facebook! Please be sure to check out her work. And who knows, maybe you'll love it as much as I do!

She is definitely one with big dreams. And I really hope she makes those dreams come true. I read one of those dreams is to become a part of Fashion Week for a second time! But sometimes dreams need a little help to make them happen. Please show your support to help her on her way back to Fashion Week by going here:

Keep going with your dreams, Alex and best of luck!

Until Next Time~

Cuddles & Kisses,

~ Kieli ~

Please note: This is my own personal dedication post on Alex London's work. Photos are courtesy of her Tumblr page - DO NOT steal them. I only support her as a fan and do not represent or act/speak on behalf of Alex London, her company or her designs.


  1. I've followed Alex London on deivantART for ages...and always thought Alex was a man...

    1. Lol, I haven't heard of Alex until the friend I mentioned in my blog post told me about her. But Alex's designs are pretty awesome so I am glad I know about this designer now :3

      And to be honest, if I hadn't known previously, I would have made the same mistake xD

      ~ Kieli ~


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