Anime/Manga Reviews

July - Citrus Final
March - Mitsuboshi Colors Ep2+3 Recap
February - CCS Ep3+4 Recap|Citrus Ep3+4 Recap|Violet Evergarden
January - CCS & Citrus|Citrus Ep2 Recap|Mitsuboshi Colors

September - Gyaru in Anime/Manga Part 4
August - Himouto! Umaru-chan|Gyaru in Anime/Manga Part 3|Lucky☆Star
July - Yu Yu Hakusho|Gyaru in Anime/Manga Part 1|Fairy Tail Manga|Gyaru in Anime/Manga Part 2
April - Super Sonico
February - Paradise Kiss
January - Gokinjo Monogatari

August - Show by Rock
July - Michiko to Hatchin
March - Your Lie in April

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